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We are so much more with others than we are by ourselves

Brought to you as a reminder as to why you are still here.

We are Americans and proud of the Freedom and Human Rights that America Stands for.

United States Army United States Navy United States Marine CorpsUnited States Air Force

Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard

 Support Our Troops 

Where Ever They May Be.


You Can Help.

The Cost of Freedom

As a nation born in revolution, we know the price of freedom.

To preserve that freedom - we will go and fight where ever the threat takes us.

We have given so much.

See the Iraq War Casualty Count

Military Pay and the Cost of Freedom

What is wrong with America and their view of what the military are - Please read this reply to

the article that Ms Cindy Williams (NOT from Laverne and Shirley TV show) wrote for the Wasahington Times denouncing pay raises for service members.

Military Pay

Pictures that should not be forgotten

Click Here to See some interesting pictures

The General

by Larry Christy


Let our Troops know

that we know

that they are there

and we believe in them.

We will do what we can to bring them home soon and safe.

Say Thanks to your Military members and Veterans.

They are there so you can sleep safely at night


Take the journey - the trip is worth the time - Read on.

Spouses and Children

Veterans Day 2010 - Anonymous

To the Soldier

by S.D. Crawford
Muldrow, Oklahoma

The Talking Flag

by Curtis E. Grothoff
Mt. Vernon, Illinois

Patriotic Writings
of James D. Hubbard

(Deceased 2007)

of Zeigler Illinois


Patriotic Rock Art

by Ray "Bubba" Sorensen

Rolling Hummer Memorial

for Karla Comfort

Unknown Author


Dad's Ramblings

by Larry Christy

A Different Christmas Poem

by LCDR Jeff Giles, SC, USN

A President's Wish

by John F. Kennedy Oct. 26, 1963

at Amherst College

Let your government representatives know that you care about our vets, active duty military members, their families

and what happens to those who give so much and those's who gave all.

Tell your Representatives not to forget those who serve or have served protecting your freedoms.

It only takes a moment to write them - click on the links below to find your representatives.

Here are some Videos to watch and listen to to remember for we should not forget and they should not be forgotten

Poison, Something to Believe in - 2001

Edwin Starr - WAR

60's - 70's Jukebox Songs

CCR - Vietnam Song

War Songs - Unknown Soldier

Inside Vietnam: Battle at la Drang

Vietnam Highway 13

The Saddest Day: April 30th 1975 (The Fall of Saigon)

Vietnam War Footage - Clubbed to Death

Vietnam War to Fortune Son

Country Joe's Anti Vietnam War Song Woodstock

Write your Representative HERE ->

Write your Senator HERE      ->      

Support your troops by remembering the military families that are still here waiting for their spouses or parents to return - they need our direct support and help.

Do not email to me - email your government representative.

Tell them what you think - that is where it counts.


History of Veterans Day


On Memorial Day and Every Day - Do not forget those who have fallen.


To those comrades who went before, we shall not forsake you.

But the night dew that falls, though in silence it weeps,

Shall brighten with verdue the grave where he sleeps,

And the tear that we shed, though in secret it rolls,

Shall long keep his, memory green in our souls.

I therefore believe it is my duty to my country to love it;

to support its Constitution;   to obey its laws; to respect its flag ;

and to defend it against all enemies

                                                                                                   William Tyler Page     

                                                                                              April 13, 1918

Honor those that went before us in Honor

© 2003

My Hometown's Honor for those that gave all.     

Fly Your Flag


While you are emailing your representative - tell them to respect our flag and vote to repeal the law

that allows the degradation of the most powerful symbol in the world that represents FREEDOM.

The soldier above all others prays for peace

for it is the soldier who must suffer

and bear the deepest wounds and scars of ware.

                                                              Douglas MacArthur

This website presents only one man's opinion, but I think that opinion should count.

Larry Christy U.S.A.F., MSgt Retired, 1972-1992

U.S.A., Europe, Far East, Africa, Middle East, Pacific, Atlantic

American Legion Lifetime Member

Charter Member to the Air Force Memorial